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Neo-Nazis were also pioneering a strategy they called “ghost skins,” which are attempts by right-wing extremists to keep quiet about their hateful views so as to blend into society and covertly advance their causes. “One white supremacist group has reportedly encouraged ghost skins to seek positions in law enforcement for the capability of alerting skinhead crews of pending investigative action against them,” says the report.

Another report released the same month revealed more about what it calls this “fascist path of stealth.” A ghost skin deliberately avoids shaving his head, wearing boots or braces, or anything that identifies his Nazi origins. “We strive to blend into society to be unrecognizable to the Jewish enemy,” one white-supremacist website is helpfully quoted as explaining. Prospective ghost skins are encouraged to join the military and receive training that can be passed on to other Nazis.

Right-wing terror is real,  (via alexeikaramazov)

they also join the work force. live in the suburbs and generally do their best to make life hard for people that they hate. Imagine this person works in HR. Imagine they work in healthcare. Imagine they are a social worker.

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Another reason why people who joke about being Nazis or WS in order to be edgy are making life harder for targeted people. If you think it’s funny to be confused for a Nazi, you are worthless scum.

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so basically white supremacists encourage each other to  gain positions of power where they can abuse, murder, and torture non-Aryans. why are people so surprised that legislative groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (responsible for stand your ground laws, immigration laws like SB 1070, and the expansion of the private prison/immigration detention industrial complex) have connections to explicit white supremacists??

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We need to seriously start looking into shit like this, something this revealing of those who say they’re here to serve and protect ought to be in the million + notes cause it would explain why so many white cops are so trigger happy and ready to maim people of color.

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A perfect example of why white supremacists benefit from an aura of doubt. They’re intentionally playing off some invasion of the bodysnatchers type shit because they know that people are skeptical about just how widespread white supremacist ideals have become.

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Talking about t.A.T.u.


I don’t really want to talk about the Olympics, but I think I need to because I am a squid of rage right now.

I am sick to death of media coverage of t.A.T.u. performing at the Olympics that demeans these two and erases the years of abuse that went into that…

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If you wear a hijab, niqab or even burqa, don’t expect me to take you seriously if you tell me how free and liberated you are.

"I’m going to withhold giving you the respect you deserve because I disagree your choice of dress, most likely because I’m an ethnocentrist, an Islamophobe, and an imperialist."

That translation is on point

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March of the Food Snobs



This is an absolutely spectacular piece on food snobbery and intersections with disability, fatness, and class. 

Oh thank dog for this article. This article is perfect. 

Let me excerpt a couple favorite bits that sort of encapsulate my feeling on this subject.

As Michelle Allison explains, “The problem is that I’ve met very few people who make personal choices of the “real food” persuasion without also pressuring those around them… without also proclaiming that the foods most people rely on to survive are inherently inferior… without also implying that the reason the rest of us are fat, or poor, or don’t have shiny hair, or don’t walk around perpetually bathed in magical sunbeams of happiness, is entirely because we eat the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad food — the food that is not Real”.

Yes. It is not that I have any problem with people choosing to be vegan, or eating raw, or eating like cavemen. It’s this part. This part is not okay.

A woman on Twitter recently accused me “subsidising capitalism” when I expressed dismay at having to go to a supermarket because my local vegetarian co-operative is inaccessible. I asked her what I should do instead and she said I should campaign for accessible local shops. And in the meantime, what? I don’t eat?

It is this kind of unwillingness to look at the bigger picture that leads many people to feel that ‘good’, ‘real’ or ‘clean’ food campaigns are elitist and exclusive. Whether looking at food shops or places to eat out, it is a sad truth that many of the least physically-accessible locations are those that are independent and “ethical”, while the multi-nationals we all love to hate are the ones with level access, wide open aisles, priority parking spaces and accessible toilets. Non-disabled allies need to join disabled activists in proactively challenging the idea that a business can be considered to be ethical if it does not allow disabled customers to use it.

and the idea that any one diet is appropriate for everybody is simply not true:

The reality is, even foods we tend to recognize as universally wholesome and healthy are not actually appropriate for everyone. Bodies differ and circumstances also differ. For example, our universally beloved super food, dark leafy greens, are considered a food to avoid (along with a bunch of other “healthy” foods like whole grains, legumes, and many fruits and vegetables) for people with kidney disease who require a low potassium diet.

Eating more sodium instead of less sodium can actually be a critical thing for people who experience hypotension — when I was working in the hospital, we actually had to stop purchasing a popular brand of bouillon for this purpose when they lowered the sodium in their product in an attempt to provide a healthier option to consumers. Well, it wasn’t healthier for our patients on tube feeds, some of whom required a sodium boost between feedings — in fact it was quite dangerous

her conclusion is basically perfect:

It is evident that the problem with “unhealthy” food is inherently structural within a discriminatory society. It is not a coincidence that so many more poor people, disabled people, and people of colour eat less balanced diets with more packaged food and less fresh produce, and it is not that these people are all careless and feckless and don’t care what they put in their bodies. This is a wider issue of structural inequality that cannot be addressed on an individual level. It is not just a matter of “personal responsibility”.

Food snobbery, whether it manifests in lecturing, chiding, self-importance or dismissive comments, ignores the entirety of those circumstances to focus on one single thing: you should not be eating that.

We need to look seriously at how messages from food evangelists, piled on top of all the other crap we are told about what we eat on an ongoing basis, are affecting the what we consume and how we judge other people.

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In the U.S., where ninety-six percent of the reported perpetrators of rape are white, eighty percent of the men in prison for rape are black.

Joseph Weinberg & Michael Biernbaum, Conversations of Consent: Sexual Intimacy without Sexual Assault (via cocknbull)


And MRA’s dont say SHIT on that. Can we talk about racism please?????

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Group of white men dedicated to shouting down women does not publicise evidence of systemic racism, news at eleven.

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i love that marshmallow girls post. fat girls in japan get called marshmallows. fat girls here get called land whales and hamplanets. i wanna be a marshmallow.

How about dropping the insults, the cutesy names AND the weight? Then you can call yourself a healthy girl.

how about dropping a bag of dicks all the way down your throat, one by one. a whole bag. eat an entire bag of dicks.


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